Privacy Policy of Start-Up and Scale


Provider means Intensia Pty Ltd atf The Waldeck Business Trust, contactable on [email protected]

Individuals means individuals generally, and may include you, the person reading this privacy policy.

1. Introduction

While providing the Services, the Provider collects Personal Information about Individuals. This document describes how the Provider collects, stores, uses and discloses that Personal Information.

2. Changes to this policy

Provider may, at its discretion, change this document in the future without any notice to you. Therefore, we advise that you revisit this Privacy Policy from time to time and re-read it.

3. What Information is Collected

The Provider may collect the following types of Personal Information about others visiting this website:

  • names;
  • email addresses;
  • computer device information;
  • IP addresses;
  • location information; and
  • internet device and usage habits.

4. How Information is Collected

Provider may collect Personal Information using the following methods:

  • surveys & competitions;
  • third-party tracking software;
  • from the Provider’s website;
  • from communications between Individuals and the Provider;
  • through market research; and
  • from linked social networking accounts.

5. How information is used

Provider may collect, use, hold and disclose Personal Information in order to:

  • enable Individuals to use Provider’s services;
  • communicate with Individuals;
  • send marketing and promotional messages to Individuals;
  • run contests or other promotional activities; and
  • comply with the law.

6. How Information is Held and Secured

The Provider may hold Personal Information using third party digital storage, analytics and email services.

The Provider also ensures that Personal Information is protected from unauthorised access by use of:

  • passwords;
  • SSL encryption; and
  • reputable third-party digital service providers.

7. Deletion of Personal Information

Provider deletes Personal Information when it is no longer needed.

8. Disclosures of Information

The Provider may disclose Personal Information to:

  • professional advisors;
  • third-party service providers;
  • payment systems operators; and
  • Any competent authority, who orders disclosure of that information.

9. Hosting Personal Information

The Service permits Individuals or Organisations to enter their Personal Information for the purpose of registering their interest in the Start-Up and Scale book by submitting their name and email address on the site, to get notification of the book’s release.

In these cases, the handling of Personal Information may occur without Provider’s direct knowledge or control, as the submission of such data is automated.

10. Cross Border Movement of Information

The Provider may disclose personal information to organisations outside of Australia such as, third-party service providers located in the United States. By using the Services, Individuals consent to the disclosure of their Personal Information to overseas recipients.

The Provider will make a good faith effort to ensure that overseas recipients deal with Personal Information in a way that is consistent with the principles of the Privacy Act, but Individuals will not have the same rights in relation to overseas recipients who handle their information as they would with Australian recipients.

11. Complaints, Inquiries and Requests

You are able to access and correct Personal Information about them held by the Provider.

Requests for access, correction, and privacy questions or complaints should be directed to the Provider on [email protected].

When Individuals communicate a complaint to Provider, Provider will respond within 2 weeks, and seek to resolve the complaint entirely within 4 weeks if the nature of the complaint permits it.

The Provider will make a reasonable effort to resolve the complaints or questions of Individuals, and where the Provider is unable to do so, the Provider will attempt to explain why it is unable to do so.

If Individuals consider a matter remains unresolved, Individuals may contact the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) (



means an organisation using the Services.

Personal Information

means any information or an opinion about an identified individual, or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.

Privacy Act

means the Privacy Act (1988) Cth

Service, Services

means Start-Up and Scale website which is owned and operated by Intensia Pty Ltd atf The Waldeck Business Trust., that is promoting the book, Start-Up and Scale…